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Top ten quotes of the day from Davos http://t.co/IRaep7hs #WEF
Top ten quotes from day three at Davos http://t.co/CQRxgw5C #WEF
To feed 9bn by 2050, we will need to sustainably increase agricultural production. Read New Vision for Agriculture http://t.co/yyAkNuzu #WEF
How can the international community work together to educate the 60+ million children not in school? #wefeducation #wef http://t.co/iUu3Zgcn
How do you measure happiness? Paul Dolan writes for the Forum:Blog http://t.co/C4K4Pz5J #WEF
2,5k participants from business, government, academia and civil society will be at http://t.co/kPf3OqsJ, 23-27 Jan #WEF http://t.co/fikBM9vp
Good morning Davos! Follow the day’s action http://t.co/xBENKl4G with @MedvedevRussiaE, @SAPresident, @Lagarde, @SenatoreMonti and more #WEF
Are governments doing enough to fight youth unemployment? What more can be done? http://t.co/eah3llhW #wefyouth #wef
Be the 1st to read: Global Agenda Outlook the most pressing questions, answered by 1,5k top experts - http://t.co/19pi0OMW @wefgac #WEF
Top ten quotes from day four at Davos http://t.co/tegS3Vfq #WEF
“Looking to 2013, the biggest risks are in the US and Europe.” @joestiglitz shares his thoughts on the Forum:Blog http://t.co/xgc09UXM #WEF
What will the world look like two decades from now? Joseph S. Nye envisions the world in 2030 @Joe_Nye http://t.co/9hwRLQdZ #WEF
How important is creativity for business? Watch the #Davos hangout now with IDEO’s Tim Brown @tceb62 #WEF http://t.co/MyAt0Oiq
Read the Green Investment Report 2013 and discover the ways and means to unlock private finance for green growth http://t.co/etObOICB #WEF
Global Risks 2013 report - What's threatening our World? Watch a series of videos on the Forum:Blog http://t.co/LdEKzRE4 #WEF #Risks2013
How to follow the Annual Meeting 2013 on social media http://t.co/HQKImt8n #WEF
Top 10 myths about climate change and green investment, Thomas Kerr writes for the Forum:Blog http://t.co/RPbkTi3k #WEF
RT @wefrisk: Global Risks 2013 by numbers - facts, figures and graphics http://t.co/CAbByKEm #WEF #Risks2013 http://t.co/Bt77X3fo
"In the last 42 years, I have never seen as much snow in Davos" - #WEF Chairman Klaus Schwab ^ks http://t.co/pq6PqOmi
In the quest for growth, how can economies become more resilient? Michael Spence debates with Fu Jun http://t.co/4YIBGYs6 @amspence98 #WEF
Follow the day’s #davos action http://t.co/xBENKl4G – with Angela Merkel, @Number10gov, @SharanBurrow, Ban Ki-moon, @BillGates and more #WEF
How can we build a moral economy? - @RobertGreenhill on the Forum:Blog http://t.co/jJXUo6GF #wefvalues #WEF
How do we get people to see sustainability as a benefit rather than a sacrifice? Tiffany West on the Forum:Blog http://t.co/CW4QjUkH #WEF
Leaders are more vulnerable than ever-Global Agenda Council on Geopolitical Risk http://t.co/xMCjFldE @chipmanj @ianbremmer #Davos #wef
Watch The Global Development Outlook live now @Number10gov @QueenRania @BillGates UN's Ban Ki-moon http://t.co/IZ3Z7kjT #WEF
Davos welcoming address starts at 6pm CET, follow live tweets @wef and find out all about this year’s meeting http://t.co/xBENKl4G #WEF
Wanted: 600 million workers - Bradford L. Smith, Executive Vice President of Microsoft, on the Forum:Blog http://t.co/syKv5kmx #WEF
'You own your data, and should only share it if you get something back' - watch Sandy Pentland's #WEF #ideas video http://t.co/MCdyygpI
Which #trends do business and political leaders predict for 2013? Read the Global Agenda Survey http://t.co/bIcy0mUn #globalagenda #WEF
Global Confidence Index: Fear of a major economic disruption falls to 48% compared to 53% from last quarter. Read http://t.co/iwXz2Jbz #WEF
Supply chain disruptions may cut the share price of impacted companies on avg. by 7% - Read more http://t.co/TkQbWOHU #WEF @Accenture
New models for NGOs in the 21st century - Open Forum debate 23 January Davos 2013 http://t.co/4hMrYUyK #WEF
India is the world’s 5th largest energy consumer – why is its electricity sector limping? http://t.co/XKz9iiQa #WEF
Will India stop tolerating the abuse of women? Miniya Chatterji and Sushant Rao on the Forum:Blog http://t.co/FGX2Lh83 #WEF
How can governments stabilise economies and create more employment? #WEF #growthjobs
From the limits of monetary policy to the future of the Eurozone, follow the Global Financial Context session http://t.co/xBENKl4G #WEF
A global platform for global issues – Ahead of the Annual Meeting 2013, Klaus Schwab discusses resilient dynamism http://t.co/0Ry7cUcL #WEF
Skills gaps, job-hopping and dwindling loyalty - Dennis Nally discusses employment on the Forum:Blog http://t.co/x7LdyViy #WEF
Kevin Rudd and Pascal Lamy debate the future of globalization - Global Agenda Outlook 2013 Read it here http://t.co/LxoEqZd1 @KRuddMP #WEF
Watch Angela Merkel give a special address at Davos, starting now http://t.co/tzNyxfNT #wef #wefmerkel #europe
It's a bizarre situation: 890 mln people go to bed hungry, we waste 30 pct of food, 1 bln are obese -Unilever CEO Polman #wef wefdevoutlook
The last time inequality in US was as high as it is now was in the roaring twenties, and that ended in disaster - Stiglitz #wefstiglitz #wef
America thinks of itself as land of opportunity. In fact it's one of the worst for equality of opportunity -Stiglitz #wefstiglitz #wef
Why are banks treated as the holy churches of the modern economy? - #Iceland's Pres. Grimsson #wef #slowgrowth #banks
If we continue with inequality in US, we're not going to see demand; without demand, no growth, no jobs - Stiglitz #wef #growthjobs
If you eat 3 times a day, you become fat. If you read 3 times a day, you become wise. Better be wise than fat -Israel's Peres #wefperes #wef
Historically, periods of shared economic growth are periods of rapid economic growth - Prof Stiglitz #wefstiglitz #wef
I'm not sure we have to work 8 hours a day; work 3-4 hours and use the other 4 to learn -Israel's Peres #wefperes #wef
Good teachers teach. Great teachers transform. - @QueenRania #wef #wefdevoutlook #school #davos #teachers
Unless we take action on climate change, future generations will be roasted, toasted, fried and grilled - @Lagarde #weflagarde #wef #climate
As a boy, I studied in the dirt. No classroom. Education made me what I am, made my dream come true - UN's Ban Ki-moon #wefeducation #wef
Leave the office at 5.30, don't fill in your timesheet... Dare the difference and deliver - @Lagarde (to applause) #wefwomen #WEF
Women generally get the job when it's a lost cause, a basket case, a bankrupcy, and they turn it around - @Lagarde #wefwomen #WEF
Young people key for development: they are part of population today, 100 pct of population tomorrow - Unilever's Polman #wef #wefdevoutlook
If you ranked Facebook&Twitter followers among countries, they would be 3rd and 4rth largest in the world - IMF's @Lagarde #weflagarde #wef
By 2025, 2/3 of world population will live in Asia. This can lead to cooperation, or to tension & competition -IMF @Lagarde #weflagarde #wef
If people don't feel safe, they don't spend. Firms don't feel safe, they don't invest. No matter how many tax cuts -Babacan #wef #growthjobs
Education in crisis states: What do you do with a 39-year old who's only ever been a soldier? -@WorldBank Kim #wefeducation #wef
I shared my message with refugee children: Don't lose hope, study hard. I did it, you can do it too. - UN's Ban Ki-moon #wefeducation #wef
If Mali crisis is not contained it will spill into other African countries - Nigeria Pres Goodluck Jonathan @JGoodlucktweets #wefafrica #wef
Education is about personnel. Make sure teachers show up and perform and you get a great system -@BillGates #wef #wefdevoutlook #davos
A job that's good today could be irrelevant in 20 years. Solution: lifelong learning -Turkey Dep. PM Babacan #wef #slowgrowth
My advice: live as an optimist. I've tried it for 90 years and it's not bad - Israel's Peres #wefperes #wef
Be the first to read the Global Risks 2013 report http://t.co/EFU8d4Ed #WEF #risks2013
Education is not just the responsibility of government; it's a business. Invest in it. -Tsinghua's Li Daokui #wef #slowgrowth #education
2,500 babies have been born in Syrian refugee camps. They're the children of the camps. - Turkey's Davutoglu #wef #wefsyria #Syria
60% of young ppl in Spain are jobless. That's not just a statistic. There are people behind that statistic -Publicis CEO Levy #wefyouth #wef
Aid orgs feeding 1.5 million people affected by Syrian conflict. Need $1.5 bln for next 6 mo, record appeal- Ban Ki-moon #wefun #wef #Syria
Davos 2013: 2,500 participants, 50 heads of government and more than 1,500 business leaders – read more http://t.co/ell7Y00f #WEF
We have full employment in Malaysia. The secret: we revitalised private sector after Asian crisis - Malaysia PM @NajibRazak #slowgrowth #wef
When I was young, I loved telescopes. Now I prefer microscopes. The secrets in each cell are bigger than the moon - Peres #wefperes #wef
2,5k participants from business, government, academia and civil society will be at http://t.co/xLHkSoZf, 23-27 Jan #WEF http://t.co/6ejOjiKK
Modern political campaigns are moving democracy from an effort of persuasion to an effort of manipulation -Kissinger #wefkissinger #wef
It makes economic sense to improve the situation of women - @Lagarde #wefwomen #WEF
Africa needs to take the manufacturing market away from China - Sanusi, Nigeria Central Bank #wef #wefxroads #China #Africa #davos
Local poor are ingenious; we need to build on that for development, not just ask outside experts - #Rwanda Pres. Kagame #wef #wefdevoutlook
Two elephants in room of youth unemployment: low growth and rigid jobs market. We need to address those - Publicis CEO Levy #wefyouth #wef
Youth unemployment could create cracks in social fabric around the world. It's the single biggest issue -Coca-Cola's Kent #wefmillenial #wef
Be the 1st to read: Global Agenda Outlook our most urgent questions, answered by 1,500 top experts. Read http://t.co/zsgKnxTc @wefgac #WEF
How many women have been asked 'should you work if you have kids at home?' versus how many men - @sherylsandberg #wefwomen #WEF
Los 2 peores errores estratégicos: actuar prematuramente y dejar pasar una oportunidad #wef
Let's agree in one point: we can have anything, but we CAN'T have everything #wef
Bajo el capitalismo, el hombre explota al hombre. Bajo el comunismo, es justo al contrario (un amigo hoy) #WEF
"I'm very poor.i can't buy the most valuable commodity: time" (G.A. one of richest people here) #WEF
Cada nova resposta traz consigo 2 novas perguntas #wef
Top medical panel here said: sleep is healthy (everybody agrees but nobody sleeps) #WEF
"coffeee " is coffee with a frozen finger on letter "e" #WEF
Tony Blair is in the lobby of my hotel. Better to go outside and face - 10 Celsius #wef #iraqInvasion
Every new answer in Davos brings at least 2 new questions #wef
Capitalism without bankruptcy is like Christianism without hell ( a friend this morning) #WEF
A Bela (Charlize Theron) e a Fera (Yours Truly) #wef http://t.co/0OCKmfgg
Everybody MUST be able to tell their stories (Mankell,Shafak & I) #wef http://t.co/ePnT7s3r
Davos: either too hot (indoor ) or too cold (outside). Like love #WEF
The beauty & the beast / Charlize & I #wef http://t.co/yHdmkwRV
Online power happens when you give, never when you receive ( @jeffjarvis , right now ) #WEF
Davos: ou muito quente (interior) ou muito frio (lá fora) Como o amor #WEF
Mônica minha agente / my agent #WEF http://t.co/LGzgkX7j
Yours truly #1 RT @Nouriel #wef Twitter Board. Yours truly is #2 in Most Retweets rank http://t.co/kk69GUsD
Matt Mullenweg, creator of Wordpress #WEF http://t.co/m7xS8hXg
SchwabFound Board /Diretoria #WEF http://t.co/EcpchJUh
.@Competia @luefkens invite me for a hot coffeee please. We Brazilians love snow only in photos #WEF
On my way to #WEF Dinner/Panel w/ @jimmy_wales & @jeffjarvis on social communities. Tea w/ @Padmasree , etc Will keep you posted #promise
- 20 Celsius RT @Competia My thought too... RT @luefkens: @paulocoelho are u on the Glacier Express to #WEF?
"50% of the World's Population Under 27 Doesn't Have a Job." Martin Sorrell at #WEF. Unbelievable stat, and depressing.
"When women do better, economies do better. 70% of ALL consumption decisions in the world are made by women." Christine Lagarde #WEF
Take 10 minutes every day to sit quietly & focus on your breath –to get an anchor to the present. Mindfulness lesson I learned today at #WEF
All good leadership skills can be boiled down to 2 categories: Capacity to Connect & Capacity to Initiate Skillful Change. #WEF
"The 6 members of the Walmart family have as much combined wealth as the entire bottom 1/3 of the United States." #WEF
"Austerity is never the answer in any country when the Interest rate is close to 0%." Larry Summers at #WEF
"Steve Jobs used to change his office around every year just to have a different environment - to shake things up." Marc Benioff #WEF
"I don't think we need to work 8 hours a day. Maybe 3 - 4 hours. But the OTHER 4 hours we need to learn." Shimon Peres #WEF
MIT had an online course & more people took it than the entire Alumni of MIT in its 150 year history! #WEF Education Session
I just learned today that eCommerce conversion rates on mobile phones are 10% of PC. Tablet is 150% PC, so tablet is 15x phone! #WEF
“Take 10 minutes every day to sit quietly, and focus on your breath – to get an anchor to the present.” Mindfulness recommendation from #WEF
"We eat 3 times a day. Maybe we should also read 3 times a day. Better to be wise than fed." Shimon Peres #WEF
"If you have a baby today, that baby will never own a physical wallet & will go through life never needing one." Joe Schoendorf #WEF
"The median age of the whole world is 27-1/2 years old." Joe Schoendorf of Accel at Social Technology Context at #WEF
"If women's salaries were the same level as men's, then GDP would jump 5% in the United States." Christine Lagarde at #WEF
"Innovation often gets crushed because business units try to shape the idea to what THEY need internally vs. the customer." Christensen #WEF
"In NO other industry but Edu could you look at a list of Top 10 & see NO change from 1960." Larry Summers on online disruption at #WEF
"If you have a baby today, that baby will never own a physical wallet & will go through life never needing one." Joe Schoendorf at #WEF
"China's 1st, India 2nd, then Facebook & Twitter would be 3rd & 4th in population if they were countries." Christine Lagarde #WEF
"Business leaders are going to go social or go home." Joe Schoendorf, Accel at #WEF
"In the future, YOU become the query. Where you are, what you've done, not JUST what you've typed." Marissa Mayer of Yahoo @ #WEF
"Number of people who took 1 online course was more than the total Alumni of 150 years of MIT." Future Education at #WEF
Interesting Jamie Dimon JP Morgan comeback to bank opaqueness, "You don't know how aircraft engines work either." #WEF #Davos via Nick Dunn
Best thing I learned today at #WEF - Take 10 minutes every day to sit quietly & focus on your breath - to get an anchor to the present.
"You're not going to get a good panel on innovation w/all men. And especially w/all middle-aged men." Marc Benioff #WEF Panel on Innovation
"The advice that I leave you with is that you should try being an optimist-I've tried it for 90 years & it's not so bad." Shimon Peres #WEF
"I’m 90 years old, and I never lost anything by believing and by hoping. Better to suggest hope, than suggest hopelessness." S. Peres #WEF
"More than 50% of the top 10 of the Politboro in China have a degree in Science." Tony Chan at #WEF. For US Congress, it's 2%.
The most effective decision maker is the one who can boil it down to the simplest, most elemental level. #WEF session on decision making.
"Some countries have done away with their census because you can do better with utility billing data." Alex Pentland of MIT @ #WEF
"You're not going to get a panel on innovation with all men. And especially with all middle-aged men." Marc Benioff #WEF
"Figure out something you care about, and get very good at it. Don't make yourself fungible." Larry Summers at #WEF
"For the entire 20th Century, human life expectancy went up 3 months EVERY single year." Larry Summers #WEF
RT @hblodget: There are 3 billion workers in the world. 800 million of them make less than $1 a day. -- #WEF
From the panels here at #WEF, it sure sounds like the $100 PC is going to be the $50 SmartPhone! Will change billions of people's lives.
My biggest take-away from social session at #WEF is new ridiculous rate things can spread today. 0 to 300m users in 18 mo never b4 possible!
"Weibo is like Twitter, but you can't call it a clone of Twitter because it's much better." Chan Yuenying of China #WEF #Davos
President Obama asked me who I think is preventing democracy in the Middle East. I told him, “The husbands.” Shimon Peres #WEF
"Change EVERYTHING except your wife and kids." Samsung CEO on Innovation and Change at #WEF
"There are 1.9 BILLION SmartPhone connections in the world today, w/half of them from emerging markets." CEO of Qualcomm #WEF
My #WEF insight: technological change is skills-biased, capital-intensive and labor-saving. So chronic unemployment may be with us for long
#WEF insight: 80% (50%) of the world population (GDP) is in emerging markets. So far they have grown fast but state capitalism may slow them
Reporting on my #WEF panel: Money printing 'amounts to theft from our children' - Telegraph http://t.co/DRHy9qV0
#WEF risk: Italy could become ungovernable if PD-Monti don't get a majority in the Senate given Berlusconi's vow to start guerrilla warfare
Kissinger always interesting whether you agree or not @wef: LIVE: The State of the World with Henry Kissinger at http://t.co/oc1Fbgrv #wef
The Guardian reporting on my #WEF panel: Dr Doom says quantitative easing will create zombie banks, firms & borrowers http://t.co/ZreBGBBN
The Economic Fundamentals of 2013 by Nouriel Roubini - Project Syndicate http://t.co/oRGCFjQN Summarizing my views presented at the #WEF
My #WEF insight: the BRICs could hit a growth thick brick wall if they pursue unsustainable "state capitalism" for too long
My #WEF views. Long term risks: inequality, aging/restless youth, job lack, resource scarcity, extreme weather, political instability, G-0
Agreed! @reziemba: shale gas is already forcing European gas prices down as us no longer needs LNG imports. Forces Russia into catchup #WEF
#WEF key debates: globalization, trade, technology, demographics and ageing, rise of EM, deleveraging in advanced economies, tail risks
#WEF insight: most central banks, Fed, BoJ, BoE, SNB, are into aggressive QE action. Only holdout is the ECB, thus the € getting too strong
My #WEF insight: the BRICs could hit a growth thick "brick" wall if they keep on pursuing a flawed "state capitalism" model for too long
My #WEF insight: Creeping State Capitalism in BRICs & other EM could sharply slow down growth in the next decade as structural reforms lag
Great new book by Nicolas Berggruen and Nathan Garsdel on International Governance in the 21th Century #wef http://t.co/1qfRUU3w
#WEF theme @davos this year: Resilient Dynamism. It sounds a little like Nassim Taleb's Anti-Fragile darwinian dynamism
#WEF conventional wisdom: China will have a soft landing.But rebalancing from investment to consumption stalled. So hard landing risk rising
#WEF insight: biggest geopolitical issue 2day is how to manage a peaceful rise of China.A rising power facing an old one can lead 2 conflict
The Economic Fundamentals of 2013 by Nouriel Roubini - Project Syndicate http://t.co/oRGCFjQN Summary of my #WEF insights
#WEF insight: more extreme weather events, floods/hurricanes/etc and crop failures/droughts/fires, may have to do with global climate change
My #WEF point: rising State Capitalism in BRICs & other EM could sharply slow down growth as market-oriented structural reforms delayed
My #WEF insight: Roubini Says ‘Hyped Up’ BRIC Success at Risk on Rising State - Bloomberg http://t.co/XzCFqNQm State Capitalism is a risk
#WEF theme that I discussed: we live in a G-Zero world. Great powers disagree on major global economic, financial & geopolitical issues
#WEF debate: Rise of Resource Nationalism. It is happening even in Canada and not just towards foreign state owned SWF
My #WEF views: Positives in the global economy are continued globalization, more trade, technological innovation, rise of EM, demography
Energy dependency breeds rent seeking/corruption @WEForesight: Most countries reduce corruption as their wealth rises not Russia -why? #WEF
#wef meme this year is Resilient Dynamism. Sounds to me like Anti-Fragility http://t.co/ngmEFBEV
Roubini: Financial Tensions Could Lead To Protectionism http://t.co/gnMU6IQg #wef
Davos sunny morning during the #wef in spite of clouds over the global economy http://t.co/gd3BGJQp
CEOs at The Wall Street Journal CEO Council lunch at the #WEF concerned about global uncertainties but also see opportunities among risks
#WEF insight: rise of EM leads 2 more demand 4 oil/energy, water, food, raw materials. Given resource nationalism, food insecurity will rise
#WEF insight: Spain's Rajoy still sitting on the MOU fence as the OMT, ESM and IMF support would be mostly precautionary rather than real
The Top Influencers at the #WEF: Expertise and Talent Win the Public’s Trust on the WEF in Davos « Commetric Blog http://t.co/3GhFuZ0b
#WEF insight: to stop € rise ECB has to move from verbal to actual intervention ie cut the refi rate and/or to make the deposit rate <0
My #WEF view: Technological innovation includes ET, BT, IT, MT, DT: New Energy, BioMedical. Information, Manufacturing, Defense Technologies
Wonky #WEF debates at the opening reception in between concert & canapes: US cliff, EZ crisis, China soft/hard landing, geopolitical issues
I will be a speaker today in the #WEF Forum Debate: "The Rise of Unconventional Monetary Policy" discussing its pros and cons
Wishful thinking? @WEForesight: #Medvedev tells Davos fears for Russia's stability are unfounded http://t.co/ULeuawEq via @guardian #WEF
Ударный результат голосования в зале: из 5-ти видов главных проблем для России 78% (!) назвали главной коррупцию
VIP: крупнейшее ИТ достижение эпохи - пилотная демонстрация синхронного (!) перевода речи с английского на китаÐ
Королева Иордании: хорошие учителя - учат, настоящие учителя - преобразуют #Davos
Президент Юниливер: к статуе Свободы на восточном берегу США надо добавить статую Ответственность на западнÐ
Билл Гейтс: Я считаю, что индекс оценки государств, который создан Transparency International очень точен и адекватен #Davos
Только настоящий лидер может сбалансировать краткосрочную потребность в прибыли и долгосрочную - в инноваци
Медведев: сегодня гражданское общество сильно повзрослело, оно предъявляет требования к власти, часто жесткÐ
Кудрин: если цены на нефть падают до 60$ а реформ в России нет, то средний класс сократится. . Этот сценарий надо
Медведев: нам надо создавать конкуренцию между разными политическими силами, в ходе которой побеждают сильнÐ
Количество людей, живущих менее чем на 1$ в день в мире уменьшилось с 460 млн. до 270 млн. (за 20 лет?) #Davos
Греф: Все 3 сценария для России, представленные на форум, негативны. Ни в одном из них нет активных реформ, и этÐ
VIP:Заявление Камерона о возможном выходе Великобритании из ЕС мощная тактическая победа и разгромное стратеÐ
Медведев: при всех сложностях в мире наши главные риски не внешние, а внутренние: слишком мало сделано #davos
Продолжаю осваивать профессию твит-репортера. Попробую твиттить из Давоса с хештегом #Davos
Президент Эйрбас: Джобс был не только великим инноватором, но еще и уникальным маркетологом.Он всегда чувствÐ
Медведев: мы предлагаем Евросоюзу на базе ВТО сформировать единое экономической пространство от Лисабона дÐ
Медведев: То, что сценарии негативны - хорошо. Это не даст нам расслабиться #davos
Греф: низкая конкуренция в России её недостаток, но в то же время это фактор привлечения инвесторов #Davos
Греф: рейтинги оценки Российской банковской системы (132 место в мире) необъективны. Сбербанк покупает иностр.
Ответ: проблемы не у Евро, а у ряда стран Еврозоны. Это разные вещи. А евро, пожалуй, даже слишком силен сейчас #D
Для справки - Россия в этом индексе на 133 месте из 176 государств #Davos
Голосование на сессии Сбербанка 67% считают, что сейчас мирового кризиса уже нет #Davos
Медведев: внешний долг России 3% к ВВП; дефицит бюджета в 2012 году равен нулю #davos
Медведев: третий важнейший результат - создание институтов инновационного развития #davos
Вопрос ведущего Премьеру Латвии - а зачем вообще вас сейчас Евросоюз? #Davos
VIP: неск. месяцев назад организованная Ираном атака против компании Сауди Арамко одномоментно вывела из строÑ
Recchi (Eni): Испания из-за массовой безработицы снизила оплату рабочих и в итоге становится привлекательной для н
VIP:По поводу заявление Камерона - ничего страшного, к этому времени Сев. Ирландия и Уэлс отделятся и войдут в Е
VIP: кибервойна, о которой все говорили давно, началась - в форме атаки государства против компании #Davos
Медведев: по поводу голосования, я ожидал именно этого результата, хотя сам и голосовал за другое #davos
Медведев: снижение присутствия государства в экономике - наш идеологический вектор. Приватизация начата в 2012
Медведев: второй важнейший результат - вступление России в ВТО. Следующий шаг - ОЭСР. #davos
Медведев: первый важнейший результат превышение рождаемости над смертностью в 2012 году #davos
Recchi (Eni): Фундаментальные преимущества Европы - технол. уровень, качество рабочей силы, интеллект. капитал - кри
Вопрос к CEO очень большой компании: как вы отреагируете, если сотрудник придет на работу в шортах, сандалиях и
VIP: следующая после Греции страновая проблема - Кипр #Davos
VIP: вероятные сроки коммерциализации (вывода на свободный рынок) 2-3 года #Davos
Но там большой прогресс: в 2011 мы были 143, в 2010 - 154 #Davos
Медведев: сегодняшние цены на нефть оптимальны. Мы не заинтересованы в сверхвысоких ценах - это сдержит рост Ð
@barak_obmana вы не поняли - это не я ссылаюсь, а Билл Гейтс #Davos
PM: My message to foreign business: Britain has one of most open & flexible economies - come and invest, come and create jobs. #WEF
PM: We need more free trade, fairer tax systems, more transparency on how governments & companies operate #G8UK #WEF @G8
Read Prime Minister's speech to #WEF on his priorities for UK G8 Presidency: http://t.co/i9HZZ0g0 #G8UK @G8
Happening now: PM David Cameron is meeting with Chancellor Merkel at World Economic Forum in #Davos http://t.co/Fcq4vzX1 #WEF
PM: Approach not about turning our backs on Europe - is about making EU competitive, open & flexible & securing UK’s place within it. #WEF
PM: Speaking out on #tax avoidance & evasion is not anti-capitalism. To keep low tax rates then you've got to keep taxes coming in. #WEF
Watch live 0930 GMT: - Prime Minister David Cameron's speech to the World Economic Forum http://t.co/YRJu40li #WEF #G8UK
PM on terrorism: To defeat this menace we've got to be tough, intelligent & patient - I'll be making this argument at #G8. #WEF #G8UK
PM sets out his priorities for UK's Presidency of #G8 at World Economic Forum speech in #Davos #WEF @G8
PM talks of importance of tackling corruption & increasing property rights at #post2015 Millennium Development Goals discussion #Davos #WEF
PM: Right up on #G8 agenda is tackling threat of extremism & terrorism - working together and with countries worst affected by threat #WEF
Catch up with the day's events at #Davos http://t.co/RV9RBGxR #WEF
PM has met with leading business people in #Davos to hear how Government can help them create jobs back at home. #UKgrowth #globalrace #WEF
PM has met Chancellor Merkel at #Davos. He saw PM Monti, PM Kenny & PM Rutte earlier. Due to meet PM Reinfeldt and PM Stoltenberg too. #WEF
PM: #G8 will drive serious debate on tax evasion & avoidance. Tougher standards? Automatic information exchange? Let's explore them. #WEF
Live updates from PM's attendance at World Economic Forum: #WEF #Davos @G8 @storify http://t.co/tffOAgSy
PM: I want this year's #G8 to bring a new focus on trade, tax & transparency #WEF #G8UK
Bankers at #Davos warn of asset repricing amid signs of credit bubble | http://t.co/9NZYEZyj #WEF
Medvedev at #Davos: Give Russia your money and we’ll worry about corruption for you | http://t.co/x8LlqTyF #WEF
The richest billionaires in #Davos: http://t.co/qc5Av0A8 by @MG_Miller #wef
The central bankers who saved the world economy are now being told they risk hurting it http://t.co/F38AVqG4 by @simonjkennedy #wef #davos
Goldman Sachs President Gary Cohn says he’s “fairly bullish” on global stock markets at #WEF | http://t.co/WD1Z4yv4
Global currency war could hit #Davos: http://t.co/Tkg2JNbo by @simonjkennedy #wef
Welcome to the most powerful place on Earth: The Davos #WEF -- WATCH: http://t.co/F3gDeGJE
#Davos finance chiefs urge U.K. to stay in EU for economy's sake | http://t.co/GuRmnDdc #WEF
Collage at #Davos imagines a world in which female decision-makers outnumber men | http://t.co/EFaTIsFQ
No-shows at #Davos this year include Eric Schmidt, Mark Zuckerberg, Vikram Pandit http://t.co/zD4quvIu #wef
Founder of #WEF says "black swan" events in Iran, Syria could threaten global economic security | http://t.co/IAFU8Ewt
Billionaires from Ambani to Soros examine Europe in #Davos http://t.co/HGtJn1ZJ by @mg_miller #WEF
At the #WEF, the euro crisis has supplanted income inequality as topic of choice | http://t.co/vtHx3mFc #Davos
Politicians, CEOs, billionaires, and other scenes from the #WEF at #Davos -- PHOTOS: http://t.co/5ArYo2D0
Check out our complete coverage from the World Economic Forum | http://t.co/oyY4UE8p #WEF #Davos
On eve of #Davos #WEF, investors most optimistic about stocks in over three years | http://t.co/uJv47wqF
Alpha-status in #Davos means that billionaires cruise the city's streets in style | http://t.co/eFq8e7CX
Credit bubble seen in #Davos as Cohn warns of repricing http://t.co/M5kJxrr0 #wef
More than 75 ten-figure tycoons mingling within the vicinity of the #WEF in #Davos | http://t.co/lV7PTIzE
Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer discusses future of Internet search technology at #WEF -- WATCH: http://t.co/yqXrBHLl
What keeps a #Davos billionaire up at night? -- WATCH: http://t.co/lRkydrPk
#Davos pitch for dynamism runs into end-of-growth debate | http://t.co/0leoRyYR
#Davos no-shows include Google's Eric Schmidt, Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg | http://t.co/IY9pszJ8 #WEF
Citigroup CEO Corbat expects “challenging” environment for investment banking | http://t.co/B7B3zUY1 #Davos #WEF
Alpha-status in #Davos for billionaire Means AA car access http://t.co/t6ZHrzR2 #wef
Check out our full coverage from the World Economic Forum at #Davos | http://t.co/oyY4UE8p
Lloyd Blankfein says he wouldn't leave Goldman Sachs if his pay were cut | http://t.co/YeB5NtwX #WEF #Davos
Borg says U.K. exit from EU would be ‘big risk’ to bank funding http://t.co/mDSbEP5d #Davos #WEF
Attendees at #WEF in #Davos obsessed with one thing: the color of their badges -- WATCH: http://t.co/o1bKKGDd
Check out the newest @BloombergNews updates from the #WEF in #Davos, Switzerland | http://t.co/vS3sNFbI
We are all equal, but at #Davos, some are more equal than others: @cabaum1 in @BloomberView | http://t.co/Hi6yWUvf #WEF
#Davos turns its back on cash to boost poor: http://t.co/ZlEvAk2L by@petercoy #wef
Follow our complete coverage, tweets, and polls from #Davos | http://t.co/oyY4UE8p #WEF
Anti-Obama rhetoric at #Davos gives way to pragmatism | http://t.co/iWD3Vu4M
Overheard in #Davos: Bloomberg keeps its ears to the ground at the #WEF | http://t.co/AmMxbjG4
Newest showcase at #Davos #WEF: How to turn Switzerland into a fortress | http://t.co/ZBdgPi1S
RT @cr_harper: My story on banks in #Davos with @ElisaMartinuzzi http://t.co/QjDEEw6E #WEF $BARC $C $UBS
"When women do better, economies do better" - Lagarde at #Davos http://t.co/U8bPgPpe
What to watch today at the World Economic Forum meeting in #Davos: http://t.co/hlweaIva #WEF
NOW LIVE: Special Address by German Chancellor Angela Merkel http://t.co/5jpy8fOt #WEF #Davos
Good morning from #Davos! The first Reuters Davos Today show live NOW! Watch at http://t.co/w52kQXcb
NOW LIVE: Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg on #WEF panel on "Women in economic decision making" #Davos http://t.co/U8bPgPpe
NOW LIVE: David Cameron, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom speaks at #WEF #Davos http://t.co/U8bPgPpe
How #Davos talks about unemployment, by http://t.co/celC9LGt deputy editor Ryan McCarthy http://t.co/0gl5z1ls
NOW LIVE: Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev speaks at the #WEF in #Davos http://t.co/U8bPgPpe
NOW LIVE: IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde discusses "resilient dynamism" at #Davos http://t.co/U8bPgPpe #WEF
Anti-#WEF group attacks C.Suisse branch, Glencore CEO's house http://t.co/bBjGABKG #Davos
In case you missed it: David Cameron's address at #Davos earlier today http://t.co/QnWs0sdj #WEF
NOW LIVE: Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev addresses the #WEF http://t.co/U8bPgPpe
"In secret meetings in tiny rooms, the rich plot to get even richer" http://t.co/dsoIJyuN #Davos #WEF
NOW LIVE: Welcoming address by #WEF Executive Chairman Klaus Schwab http://t.co/5jpy8fOt #Davos
COMING UP: Special Address by German Chancellor Angela Merkel http://t.co/5jpy8fOt #WEF #Davos
Live coverage of Jamie Dimon on a financial risk panel at #Davos, @mccarthyryanj and @laurenlacapra on site http://t.co/U8bPgPpe #WEF
COMING UP: UK PM David Cameron speaks at #Davos http://t.co/U8bPgPpe
Climate change is the highest economic challenge of the 21st century - Lagarde at #Davos http://t.co/5jpy8fOt #WEF
NOW LIVE: @CAFreeland interviews Larry Summers at #Davos http://t.co/U8bPgPpe
Google grows up, shuts down their annual #Davos party "which feels like the ninth circle of hell" http://t.co/tp2cSiKt #WEF
COMING UP: Welcoming address by #WEF Executive Chairman Klaus Schwab http://t.co/5jpy8fOt
What would #Davos look like if the gender ratio was reversed? http://t.co/TcLBK1Qw #WEF
Jamie Dimon wears FBI cufflinks - @LaurenLaCapra http://t.co/8TW803Kg #WEF #Davos
"If you mean that Europe has to become a political union, a country called Europe, I don't agree" - Cameron #WEF http://t.co/U8bPgPpe
What you'll want to watch tomorrow at #Davos http://t.co/bJPVAZGP #WEF
"Some forms of (tax) avoidance that are so aggressive that they raise ethical issues" - David Cameron #WEF #Davos http://t.co/U8bPgPpe
Cameron slammed by Parliament member for "heading out of austerity-riddled Britain to wine and dine at #Davos" http://t.co/eFh0ezbV #WEF
LIVE NOW: Italy's PM Mario Monti speaks at #Davos http://t.co/BtdTnLzG #WEF
NOW LIVE: Yahoo's Marissa Mayer http://t.co/U8bPgPpe #WEF #Davos
Cameron calls for tax evasion and tax avoidance discussion at G8 #WEF #Davos http://t.co/U8bPgPpe
Right NOW: #Davos in 60 Seconds http://t.co/U8bPgPpe
The "pragmatic" #Davos swag bag http://t.co/XwyO3mnN
BBC questioning Cameron's salesmanship because of his threat of leaving the EU #WEF #Davos http://t.co/U8bPgPpe
COMING UP: Live video at #Davos of "State of the World" A Strategic Assessment with speaker Henry Kissinger http://t.co/U8bPgPpe #WEF
"What is needed is not system maintenance or system recovery but a substantial system redesign" http://t.co/K0XrAd8D #WEF #Davos
Italy needs courageous reforms to revive growth, Economy Development Minister at #WEF: http://t.co/RgtrISWJ
WATCH LIVE: The Global Financial Context at #WEF http://t.co/U8bPgPpe
40 million Pakistanis will vote for the 1st time this is the big vote for change- @imrankhanpti #davos.
If u want 2 fix #Pakistan collect taxes & curb corruption- any party that wants 2 fix country needs 2 do this @imrankhanpti #davos
Huge amounts of money is flowing into the media 2 tell the ppl whoever talks about change is a fraud- @imrankhanpti #davos
I was offered large amounts of money for party tickets- now I know how other party leaders make money- I refused- @imrankhanpti #davos
I tell the other parties if you don't want 2 have intra party elections have an election within your own family- #davos. @imrankhanpti
We want 2 bring change through electoral process not by toppling govt- we feel we can bring change thru elections- #davos @imrankhanpti
All the parties sitting in power don't face as much criticism as we do outside of power @imrankhanpti #davos
#tuq phenomenon I can't figure it out myself but it does show that ppl will come 2 the streets 2 topple govt- @imrankhanpti #davos.
This is y only the rich come into power and qualified Pakistanis don't @imrankhanpti #davos
@imrankhanpti mobbed by a crowd of Indians & Pakistanis #davos
Heading to the @imrankhanpti lunch hosted by Ikram Saigol at #wef. #Davos
Every day is a new adventure in #Pakistan I don't know which issue 2 address #Pakistan @imrankhanpti #davos
This is the 1st time some1 from #Pakistan has been honored! Previous recipients include AR Rehman, Amitabh & Mohammad Ali #davos
Was proud to wear #Pakistan fashion at #davos! I wore a Nida Azfar outfit & Samia & Azmay Flag crystals hand bag!
Just to clarify I am only tweeting what I'm hearing at lunch @imrankhanpti #davos
The #Pakistan contingent at #davos is quite small unfortunately but tomorrow there is a lunch for @imrankhanpti
Look forward to being on BBC World with @MishalHusainBBC tday 2 discuss my work & the #Davos award #Pakistan
With @CharlizeAfrica who was honored for her work with #aids at the #wef crystal award ceremony #davos #Pakistan http://t.co/RrBMd2Hb
After the #wef crystal award ceremony #Pakistan! http://t.co/Df7ni5OA
When I was much younger I was against female quotas- I have changed- quotas r necessary 4 a limited period of time- Christine Lagarde #wef.
Heading to the #Davos Crystal Award ceremony representing #Pakistan
Women should have access to edu, health & right 2 choose- they shud b offered access to politics & corporate world- Christine Lagarde #wef
My take home lesson from #davos next year push 2 hv more Pakistanis here speaking on panels- accomplished young dynamic leaders
Will be discussing how we can cultivate leadership in those we work with- #wef #davos.
More importantly #Pakistan needs 2 hv better representation at #davos- the business community shud take the lead clearly govt cant
Ok folks so sorry but I have 2 go 2 my next meeting so have 2 leave this lunch @imrankhanpti #davos so live tweeting is over!
Like all #pakistan events this one wont start on time either! #davos @imrankhanpti
@IslamicHelp I spoke about your fantastic work with #acid victims in #Pakistan at #davos I also mentioned your imam & livelihood projects
I spoke at the google dinner tonight at #davos- fantastic crowd of people- last night here- next stop #Jaipurlitfest
I spoke about how film can bring a voice to all those who are creating change in #Pakistan #WEFcrystalaward #davos
Christine Lagarde dedicated her speech at #Davos to women around the world including #Malala #wef #Pakistan
Just because women are successful they don't threaten men- #wef Christine Lagarde
On a panel about leadership this morning #wef #davos
At #davos there was no major #Pakistan representation- we weren't speaking on panels, there were no major receptions by us-
Christine Lagarde says her mother was better than her- had 2 deal with 4 children & kept her career going- #wef
Discussing leadership at #davos-fantastic panel Jose Andres & Eric Whitacre spoke extremely well #wef http://t.co/rbm89qta

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Los 2 peores errores estratégicos: actuar prematuramente y dejar pasar una oportunidad #wef
Let's agree in one point: we can have anything, but we CAN'T have everything #wef
Bajo el capitalismo, el hombre explota al hombre. Bajo el comunismo, es justo al contrario (un amigo hoy) #WEF
"I'm very poor.i can't buy the most valuable commodity: time" (G.A. one of richest people here) #WEF
“50% of world’s population under 27 hasn’t got a job... Immensely depressing.” - Sir Martin Sorrell, CEO of WPP #WEF #Davos
"When women do better, economies do better" - Lagarde at #Davos http://t.co/U8bPgPpe
Cada nova resposta traz consigo 2 novas perguntas #wef
Top medical panel here said: sleep is healthy (everybody agrees but nobody sleeps) #WEF
"coffeee " is coffee with a frozen finger on letter "e" #WEF
It's a bizarre situation: 890 mln people go to bed hungry, we waste 30 pct of food, 1 bln are obese -Unilever CEO Polman #wef wefdevoutlook